Sitefinders Group of Companies is an Alberta based brokerage and development company.
Sitefinders primary focus is the selection of retail and multi-family real estate in mid-sized markets in BC and Alberta.

Creating Value Based Real Estate!

At Sitefinders Group of Companies we interweave the values we live by with value we create in our developments, by offering tenants and investors the opportunity to participate in well-structured commercial development projects. Our model is based on 35 years of commercial real estate and development experience.

Our key is to focus on:

  • prime real estate in growing mid-sized markets
  • retail developments anchored by national and international tenants
  • BOTH cash flow and appreciation

Our projects are structured to have long term security and profitability despite changing economic conditions.

Join us in developing value based real estate that will be profitable for generations! Quality, and slow & steady; that’s our ticket to success!

Who We Are

Sitefinders Group of Companies is an Alberta based real estate brokerage and development company. The company was founded by Dr. Allan Matthews who has been active in real estate since 1979. Sitefinders primary focus is the selection and development of assets in in mid-sized markets, in Alberta, and British Columbia.

What We Do

Our Tenants know us by our name. We “Site-Find” prime real estate for them. We first research and select prime site in mid-sized market, and then often purchase the site and then construct a build-to-suit.

Where to Find Us

Our company works throughout the provinces of BC and Alberta.